Gigi Hadid Sports Bizarre Look at Jeremy Scott Fashion Show

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Gigi Hadid sported a rather bizarre look during the Jeremy Scott show at New York Fashion Week. The Sports Illustrated model and BFF of Kendall Jenner looked a lot more like a clown than a fashion model.

Designer Jeremy Scott is known for his outlandish fashion pieces, but this look really took the proverbial cake. Who on earth would buy this stuff?

Gigi Hadid not only wore a ridiculously oversized hot pink patent leather top with baby blue polka dots, but also wore matching hot pink eye shadow. She had bright yellow streaks in her wig.

The second look Jeremy Scott dressed Gigi Hadid in featured a mini-dress of multiple colors. Part of the patchwork included images of Care Bears and Raggedy Ann characters. She complemented that outfit with the same teal tights and wig she wore with the first ensemble.

Gigi Hadid is the Maybelline New York brand ambassador. She has shared many memories from her New York Fashion Week experiences with

"It's crazy! I've always said that I feel lucky to live in the ear of social media and be a working model in this time," she explained. "Back in the day, models were just another face. But social media has given people a voice and not just another face. Not only can you show the world your personality and stuff like that, but you can be a brand ambassador easily. You can connect with people much easier because you have a voice."

What's your take on the bizarre looks Gigi Hadid wore on the runway during the Jeremy Scott show this week? Would you invest in any of this designer's work?

Kimberly Ripley
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