Gigi Hadid Admits It's 'Weird' to Strut Her Stuff in Victoria's Secret Lingerie

Pam WrightLife

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Gigi Hadid strutted her stuff on the runway for her first Victoria's Secret Fashion show which aired on CBS Tuesday night, but says it wasn't as easy to flaunt her sexy body in lingerie as she thought.

The 20-year-old model was super excited to walk the runway as a VS angel, but didn't count on how uncomfortable it would be to walk past her sister's boyfriend, musical guest The Weeknd, in lingerie.

During the airing of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show special, Gigi Hadid revealed that she felt a little awkward in her revealing runway outfits in front of The Weeknd, who is dating Gigi's younger sister Bella Hadid.

"The Weeknd's like a brother to me," Gigi said. "It's like a little weird walking past your sister's boyfriend in lingerie."

Trying to pump her courage up, Gigi reminded herself that she is seen in less at the beach.

"It's going to be great," Gigi said, in what seemed like an attempt to convince herself. "It's fine. It's like going to the beach."

In the end, Gigi didn't even walk past The Weeknd when he performed, so the encounter never even took place.

What did you think of the VS show? Did the angels look great or what? And what do you think of Gigi Hadid's first appearance in the show?

Pam Wright