Gigantic Bosses, Death Previewed in 'Dark Souls II' Launch Trailer

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Tomorrow is one of the biggest video game launch days in recent history. In addition to the intensely hyped Titanfall for Xbox One and PC, the sequel to beloved hardcore action RPG Dark Souls will launch tomorrow, gluing gamers to their previous-generation consoles as they collectively uncover the game's secrets.

Though Dark Souls II is highly anticipated by a devoted subset of gamers, the marketing from the title has been odd. Trailers and screenshots from the game in development often did not portray the game's visuals in the best light and the blacksmith-forged Dark Souls II armor cosplay debuted last summer looked similarly weird.

The launch trailer, released today, is a different story. Aside from a rather peculiar choice of music, the trailer provides everything Dark Souls fans could want: imposing bosses, an oppressive atmosphere of danger, and lots of death.

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