Giant Pink Slugs Found In Australia

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Giant pink slugs have been found on a mountainside in Australia, and park rangers say that on a good day, you can see hundreds of them clustered on the rocks, creating an odd juxtaposition between nature and a very unnatural color.

"As bright pink as you can imagine, that's how pink they are," Michael Murphy, a ranger with the National Parks and Wildlife Service, said. "On a good morning, you can walk around and see hundreds of them."

So far, the slugs have only been found on Mount Kaputar in New South Wales, and scientists believe that's because that particular area allows them to thrive like no other environment could. This is due to the weather, altitude, and a history of rain forests which receded after a volcano eruption over 17 million years ago. A degree or two change in temperature could be enough to alter their world forever, which is why the NSW National Parks And Wildlife Service fought to have the site listed as endangered so as to preserve the species.

'These species have evolved from lowland ancestors and have been isolated in an otherwise snail-hostile environment as conditions began to dry,'' NSW said.

The slugs can grow up to eight inches long and hide out during the day, coming out at night to feed on mold and tree moss.

Amanda Crum
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