Giant Gold Nugget Found And Now To Be Sold: Should Finder Have Kept It?

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A man found a giant gold nugget in the mountainous region of Butte County, North California.

The lucky individual who happened across the six pound treasure has gone to great lengths to conceal both his identity and the location of the find.

While this movie is typical of treasure seekers who luck out, it seems no one has ever stopped to ask WHY it's typical.

Why rush to get rid of something extremely valuable...especially gold.

Sometimes in the hunt for things that will make us rich, or at least richer than we were at the start of the day, we get lucky.

In the case of the anonymous man who found the "Butte Nugget", it's obvious he'll be collecting a tidy sum of money.

The nugget will reportedly be sold for a minimum of $350,000.

Suppose the man manages to collect as much cash for his find.

...Then what?

The man may reinvest that money in hunting for more gold. During such time, he may discover that his find was a fluke, and he lived out the fable of the "Goose That Laid The Golden Egg".

Rather than spend part or any of the money, there's a chance he could decide to invest it.

...Which brings us back to the question of WHY he sold the gold in the first place.

A number of Americans have gone to great lengths to require gold. Even though gold prices fluctuate in recent months, there is a general understanding that the precious metal will always be valuable.

American printed currency cannot be spoken of in the same way.

Do you think it's wiser to hold on to valuable materials or try to get cash? Share why below!

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