Giada de Laurentiis: Who is Her New Mystery Man? Is It Bobby Flay?

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Giada de Laurentiis admitted during a conversation with Wendy Williams on The Wendy Williams Show Wednesday that there is a new man in her life. That's all she admitted, however. Now speculation is running far and wide as to whom this mystery man might be. Bobby Flay, of course, is in the running.

When Williams brought up Bobby Flay, Giada de Laurentiis joked she's been romantically linked to "anybody I laid eyes on even crossing the street." Andy Cohen raised the same topic when Giada visited him on Watch What Happens Live! He said fans would love to see her linked because of their "great chemistry."

"We do get together on Food Network Star," Giada de Laurentiis said of Bobby Flay. "Well, we're very good friends. We've worked for many years together, but I don't think that's ever going to happen because I'm smarter than that."


While Andy Cohen let the subject go, Wendy Williams was far more persistent.

"Are you in love?" she asked Giada de Laurentiis.

"God!" De Laurentiis replied.

That didn't answer the question, though, did it?

As recently as January, Giada has been linked to both Bobby Flay--who was in the process of his own divorce from Law & Order: SVU actress Stephanie March. She was also rumored to be dating singer John Mayer.

"That was a double whammy. That came out a long, long time ago, and then it came resurfaced again. I met John Mayer for like 30 seconds maybe like 10 years ago, and all of a sudden we slept together and had an affair and only God knows what," she said.

Giada de Laurentiis will eventually tire of playing coy with interviewers and divulge the identity of this new--or not so new--man.

Do you think after the dust settles she will admit it is, in fact, Bobby Flay?

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