Get Up Close And Personal With The Samsung Galaxy S 4

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Samsung announced its latest flagship device - the Galaxy S 4 - last week. Since then, we've had time to digest all of the new features and gimmicks coming to the new device, but we haven't been able to take a close look at it just yet.

To rectify this, Samsung has thrown together a few short live demos of the Galaxy S 4 in action. The demos provide a better look at new Galaxy S 4 features like S Translator, Air View, Dual Camera and Sound & Shot.

First up is S Translator. Much like Google Translate, Samsung's software can translate text to speech and vice versa to provide translations in multiple languages. It will be interesting to see if Samsung's software can outperform Google's own translation software.

Air View is one of the more interesting features coming to the Galaxy S 4 as it allows users to simply hover their finger over the screen to preview content. The demonstration shows that Air View will also work when a user is wearing gloves.

Dual cameras on smartphones are nothing new, but Samsung is doing some interesting things with how the software interacts with the hardware this time around. Users can take pictures of friends with the rear-facing camera while snapping a photo of their face with the front-facing camera. The software then combines the two for a picture of your friend coupled with your disembodied head.

The final feature on display today is called "Sound & Shot." The feature allows users to couple a sound clip with a photo so one can save sounds alongside a photo for an extra dosage of nostalgia. It's the epitome of gimmicks, but I can see some people getting a kick out of it.

There's sure to be more information on the Galaxy S 4 released in the coming weeks and months, including its price and launch date. Samsung may even reveal more software features before launch.