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HTC and AT&T have announced their plans to introduce the first phone with a functioning Facebook button, which, like the name implies, will be the user's one-touch connection to all things related to the social media giant. The device, called the Status, will be apart of AT&T's family of smartphones, and it represents yet another option for those who want to conduct every aspect of their cyber livelihoods on their mobile device. Considering the rate at which these "phones" are being consumed, the answer is clearly a lot of people.

As for the Facebook button, which represents the reason the buzz concerning the device's announcement is so high, it really is a button that connects the user directly to Zuckerbergland, where they can upload, friend, like, and update to their heart's desire. The button in question:

HTC ChaCha

As some of the more eagle-eyed out there may have noticed, that image is actually the HTC ChaCha. According to PC Magazine's report, the HTC Status is the American version of the ChaCha:

The phone is a U.S. version of the HTC ChaCha, with which we did a hands on at the Mobile World Congress trade show in February... The ChaCha has already come out in the U.K., where SlashGear's Chris Davies said it has "a frankly brilliant QWERTY keyboard" and "is far more compelling than the silly name might suggest."

Over at the ChaCha page, HTC describes the process as "Facebook your entire phone." Considering some of the recent issues with Facebook's slash-and-burn approach, that may not be the popular thing to do.

But then again, does anyone ever really leaves Facebook, even with all the venom the platform receives. Their astronomical growth has slowed, but the reports of Facebook ship-jumping are lacking. Discussions for another day, I suppose. As for "Facebooking your phone," HTC says:

Your friends are your life, so you want to be close to them. That's why HTC ChaCha comes with a load of Facebook widgets that bring you closer to them. Like a clock with a Facebook stream of updates as a ticker, and a Calendar widget so you never miss your friends' birthdays and events. You can also follow your special favorites and all their news with the Friend Stream widget. With HTC ChaCha, you're no longer a friend – you're a super-friend.

Once again, that's obviously written for the ChaCha, but since the Status is apparently the American version of that device, it's doubtful the explanatory content will change that drastically. Are you dying to have easier access to Facebook with your device? Are activating application icons too much of a bother? Is a Facebook button something you want, and/or need?

Let us know what you think.

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