Get A 3D Print Of Yourself In Texas

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In 3D printing, there's a slowly growing market for companies that turn a 3D scan of a person into a plastic model. Most of these companies have been based outside of the U.S., but now Americans with $445 to burn can get a realistic model of themselves.

Captured Dimensions is a Richardson. TX based company that uses digital imaging to make 3D models of people. These 3D models are then used to print out a scale 3D model of the person in various sizes. For a 1/12 scale full body figurine, you can expect to pay $445. For a 1/5 scale figurine, the price skyrockets up to $2,295.

The company also offers 3D prints of busts, but those are much more expensive. You can get a 6-inch bust for $695, but anything bigger is priced by quote. You'd better hope you don't have a big head.

Check out the below video to see how Captured Dimensions makes scale 3D printed figurines of people:

If you want something a little more unconventional in the world of 3D printed human figurines, there's always Disney World's offer to 3D print your face onto a stormtrooper. If it ever expands beyond Comic-Con, Twentieth Century Fox may also 3D print your head being torn out of its body by a Predator.

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