Georgia Tech Fraternity Disbanded By OSI

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Georgia Tech student newspaper Technique has learned that on Friday, March 28, the Office of Student Integrity (OSI) at Georgia Tech disbanded the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity, five months after the chapter was placed on probation after a “rape bait” email.

During its investigation of the chapter, the OSI found several violations of the terms set forth during the probationary period since the period began on November 1, 2013.

According to Technique, one violation occurred when Matthew Petersen, author of the “rape bait” email gave alcohol to minors and consumed alcohol themselves, which is in violation of the Student Code of Conduct at Georgia Tech.

Additional reasons the OSI gave for disbanding the chapter include a “pattern of sexual violence that…suggests a deep-rooted culture within the fraternity that is obscene, indecent and endangers women,” not removing fraternity members who posed a risk to others, and allowing drinking during meetings.

In an official press release, the national council of Phi Kappa Tau said it had voted to “suspend the charter of Alpha Rho chapter of Phi Kappa Tau due to a series of events that violated both Fraternity and Georgia Institute of Technology policy.”

“Phi Kappa Tau takes very seriously any activity where its members or chapters are not in line with our commitment to learning, leading and serving,” said Interim CEO Wm. Tim Hudson. “I am highly disappointed Alpha Rho chapter failed to live up to the ideals of our Fraternity.”

“It is never easy to close a chapter, but under these circumstances it is clear that problems within Alpha Rho chapter require a break in operations.”

The original article published in Technique contains a copy of minutes of fraternity meetings as well as email correspondences between members of the fraternity chapter. It also includes a fraternal song of the chapter titled “The S&M Man” that features messages of sexual violence towards women and was sang after initiation of new pledges.

Image via Phi Kappa Tau

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