George Clooney's Wedding Plans Revealed

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When George Clooney confirmed that he would indeed be getting married soon, men around the world breathed sighs of relief while their girlfriends and wives sobbed into their pillows.

George Clooney has been Hollywood's hottest bachelor for decades, and although he has had many relationships over the years, he just couldn't find the one he wanted to settle down with. That is until he met human rights attorney Amal Alamuddin.

Alamuddin was living a pretty quiet life and had managed to stay out of the media for the most part while dating Clooney, but since the announcement of their engagement, she has been hounded by paparazzi. As the couple's wedding day approaches, the constant attention will likely get worse.

The couple has been pretty quiet about their wedding plans but a source close to them revealed a few details about their upcoming wedding that may be taking place in just a few short months.

"September 12 is the date they are aiming for," the source said. "Everyone thinks they will marry in Lake Como, where George owns a beautiful home, but Amal feels that is too public. They are looking to host a small wedding in an Italian village, where they can control the photographers. But they haven't decided yet."

"They will then have big parties for her relatives in Lebanon and London," the source continued.

Regardless of when or where the couple decides to get married, the ceremony is likely to be a star-studded event. Unfortunately for Clooney, in the midst of his wedding planning he also had to deal with his home being burglarized.

On Thursday, George Clooney's estate on Lake Como in Italy was burglarized by a 29-year-old Italian man who only stole a bottle of wine from the garden before he was spotted by Clooney's security guards. Luckily, the burglar didn't even make it inside the home.

Clooney and his fiancé were in London during the burglary, where they toured the Downton Abbey castle.

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