George Clooney Talks Possibility of 'Heading Into Politics'

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George Clooney definitely has quite the reputation as one of Hollywood's most famed actors.

Now, he's looking to expand his career with a new endeavor - politics.

According to the Sunday Mirror, the Ocean's Eleven actor is reportedly planning to follow in the steps of fellow actor Arnold Schwarzenegger by running for governor of California in 2018.

Although Clooney hasn't confirmed whether or not he plans to put his name in the hat, he has shared his liberal views, which indicate that he does have a deep interest in politics. During a CNN interview with Larry King, the 53-year-old actor shared his sentiments.

"I'm a liberal. I'm confused when that became a bad word. I think what happened over a period of time probably in the late 1980s when it became sort of a political tool. The liberal movement morally, you know, has stood on the right side of an awful lot of issues. We thought that blacks should be allowed to sit at the front of the bus and women should be able to vote, McCarthy was wrong, Vietnam was a mistake."

However, this isn't Clooney's first time expressing his interest in politics. During a number of previous interviews, the Academy Award-winning actor has openly discussed his parents' political views, as well.

"My parents were the biggest liberal Democrats. They both voted for George McGovern. My dad, who went after Opec for raising gas prices and Gerald Ford for pardoning Richard Nixon, believed it's your responsibility – not just your right –to question authority."

A close friend of Clooney's also spoke with the Mirror about his political interest, and the advantage his fiance' British lawyer, Amal Alamuddin, adds to his credentials. "George is hugely popular with the Democrats and where better place to put him than as the Governor of California, the home of Hollywood," the source said.

"It has always been a huge stronghold for the party and one that has a proven record for getting politicians into the Oval office. Now that Amal is by his side it has boosted his credentials even higher."

Image via George Clooney, Facebook

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