George Clooney Slammed by Gerard Depardieu at Berlin Film Festival

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George Clooney was slammed on Friday by actor Gerard Depardieu at the Berlin Film Festival. The French actor, who stars in a new film called Saint Amour, in which he plays a bull farmer, noted during a post-screening press conference for his film that George Clooney recently met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The two met to discuss the refugee crisis.

"I saw that Mr George Clooney wanted to see Mrs Merkel. I worry that it went badly," Depardieu said at the press conference.

"It’s good that now you can be an actor and a ecologist and a politician, you can do everything," he added.

In addition to slamming George Clooney, Gerard Depardieu also had nothing good to say about Leonardo DiCaprio's film The Revenant.

"That’s a bit different from what you get in general in cinema at the moment," he said, referring to the gritty setting for the film and reports that the actors had to work in very uncomfortable conditions.

"Because if I take the Oscars, The Revenant, with the production crew behind and the heating (on set) and all that 'go and cover yourself in shit,' but I’m sure the 'shit' is perfumed--and you're in this mud, which is perfumed and isn't cold, it's heated," Depardieu said.

The one question that likely comes to most people's minds after learning of Gerard Depardieu's bashing of both George Clooney and The Revenant is twofold. Who asked him? And who really cares what he thinks?

Gerard Depardieu hasn't done much that's noteworthy since appearing in The Green Card and Cyrano de Bergerac--films that hit theaters decades ago.

Most people would laud George Clooney for meeting with Angela Merkel and trying to find a way to alleviate the refugee crisis situation.

Might Depardieu be a bit jealous of the actor?

What's your take on Gerard Depardieu lashing out at both George Clooney and The Revenant? Who or what might be next on his list of candidates for bashing?

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