George Clooney Photobombs Seinfeld And Spielberg


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George Clooney took upon himself to act like a complete goof when he made an epic photobomb in a picture of Steven Spielberg, Jerry Seinfeld and Seinfeld's wife, Jessica. Clooney and his fellow photo members were attending the annual USC Shoah Foundation Gala in New York City. Clooney was being honored at the Gala, receiving the Ambassador For Humanity Award for his humanitarian work.

Steven Spielberg presented him with the award, and the event was hosted by comedian Jon Stewart. He was being honored for the work that he has been a part of in Haiti, Africa, and other parts of the world, as he continues to help those in need. Spielberg said of the award recipient, "George is the best kind of humanitarian. He is a humble humanitarian."

Clooney recently appeared in the film Gravity alongside Sandra Bullock, which was directed by Alfonso Cuaron. Clooney and Bullock have been friends for a number of years, but Gravity marks the first time that the two have ever appeared on screen together.

There has been much speculation about their relationship and why the two have never been involved. Clooney said that he would not date her because she had once dated one of his friends, but that was in the past right? What is to stop them from dating now, after a 20 year friendship? Clooney was recently reported to have been seeing the Croatian model, Monika Jakisic.

In the picture, Clooney is holding up his hand and appears to be blocking the camera from flashing in his eyes, or maybe he was simply waving to someone, mentions E Online. He is also making one of his signature faces and being silly in the picture, a complete contrast to the smiling faces of the others in the picture.

Clooney was spotted heading in New York after a busy week promoting the new film. He attended the big premiere on Tuesday and did a ton of press for the film before its big release on October 4th. Gravity is a film about a medical engineer and an astronaut who work together to survive, after an accident leaves them drifting in space.

Image via Wikimedia Commons