George Clooney, Father Arrested


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Actor George Clooney and his father Nick were arrested outside of the Sudanese Embassy in Washington D.C. today.


According to reports, Clooney, along with several of his activist colleagues were hauled off in handcuffs on Massachusetts Ave, after failing to comply with three verbal warnings.

The protest concerned Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir's provocation of a humanitarian crisis and the blocking of aid from entering the Nuba Mountain region of South Sudan. The following clip depicts the situation in Sudan:

Clooney has stated that "we're going to have a real humanitarian disaster," if action isn't taken in the region within the next few months, and seeks to draw more attention to the issue. The protestors held signs reading "Sudan: Stop Weapons of Mass Starvation," and included Democratic U.S. Rep. Jim Moran of Virginia amongst its ranks.