Geek & Sundry, Felicia Day's Genius Five Days a Week


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If you're a fan of the online web series The Guild, and appreciate Felicia Day's humor that she etches into each episode then you're ecstatic for Geek & Sundry. This YouTube channel is a Felicia Day creation which looks to take various aspects of nerd-dom and present it in a weekly episodic format, featuring 1-2 different shows every day.

Here's an all encompassing trailer, showing off each show that will be on the channel.

The shows will start at various times throughout the year, with the official channel launch taking place on April 2nd. Here's how the channel line-up looks to be shaking out, with descriptions for each show and a trailer for each ...

Monday: The Flog (April 2nd) - Join Felicia Day in her new vlog show as she curates interesting things she finds on the web, and follows her whims as she explores new hobbies and activities each week.

Tuesday: The Guild (April 10th)

Wednesday: Dark Horse Motion Comics (April 2nd) - America's largest indie comic-book publisher Dark Horse Comics brings some of their much-loved franchises such as Hellboy, The Goon and The Umbrella Academy onto the screen in a unique presentation for their web series. Combining never-before-seen motion graphic techniques and compelling storytelling, fans of these iconic characters will devour each episode.

Written by a Kid (July 16th) - Original sci-fi, fantasy and horror stories by real kids are transformed into stunning shorts by some of today's coolest directors. These original live-action and animated pieces truly capture the madness and magic of the 4-to-9-year old mindset.

Thursday: Guild Extras

Friday: Tabletop (April 2nd) - Think "Celebrity Poker" meets "Dinner for Five" and you're ready to experience a new kind of web show that pairs notable celebs with must-play tabletop games. Hosted by actor, co-creator and fan favorite Wil Wheaton.

Sword and Laser (April 13th) - Popular book club podcast, Sword & Laser, comes to life with an irreverent show hosted by Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt. The show features interviews with top authors, reviews of the hottest science fiction and fantasy books, discussion of the essential news of the week, and lots of participation from the vibrant Sword and Laser community.

I'll probably be checking out The Flog, The Guild, and The Dark Horse Motion Comics. The channel looks to offer a good variety of subject matter, with something to offer everyone interested. All the while, the Felicia Day brand continues to grow.