Geek Mashups Make Puppies Go Awwww

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Mashups, versus, and what ifs are what drive the typical comic lovers conversations and arguments. But what happens when the mashups that you contemplate and argue about are so cute that you want to snuggle them to death? The odds of this happening are real slim right?

Well Kazakhstan native Evgeny Yakovlev has tried his best to answer this question and many more. His artwork is great and might just turn some heads! Go over to his deviant art page and check out all of his other work! Verah Niiice!
I particularly like the one that features Wolverine meeting Edward Scissorhands. Mostly because Edward Scissorhands is one of the weirdest and creepiest movies of all time, but also because all I can imagine is Wolverine going "I'm not your brother bub, but I'll be your daddy!" Snikt!!!

Ironman vs. Magneto


Wolverine Scissorhands


Dark Knight vs Joker


On dark side


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