Gary Busey Shares Some Lovely Mother's Day Ideas

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As a mom, I'm always excited when Mother's Day rolls around. Not because I get presents (and sleep...let us not forget the sleep) and a day of adoration, but because I'm always touched by what my daughter and husband have in store for me. Homemade gifts are my favorite, especially now that my kiddo is almost four and is following in my artist footsteps. But the Jimmy John's picnics--something my awesome husband cooked up a few years ago and have now become a tradition--are pretty boss too. If you don't know what Jimmy John's is, my heart breaks for you.

A lot of folks usually have to rely on last-minute gift giving because A. they forget what day it is or B. they remember what day it is but have procrastinated to a profound degree and are now clogging the aisles of Wal-Mart looking for that item which says they are a loving child. And while she will probably be ecstatic at the prospect of a Tweety Bird t-shirt that says "#1 Mom", there are a few other options available to you. Gary Busey was kind enough to share one of them with Jimmy Kimmel recently.

Busey insists that one way to make your mother happy is to inject some chocolates with vodka, then proceeds to dance around with a mannequin before throwing it offstage. It's a bizarre take on the holiday, but then, what else can we expect from Busey?

Personally, my favorite Mother's Day tips come from Mr. T.

Amanda Crum
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