Garth Brooks Says His Fried Phone Ate All His New Songs

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There's a low-hanging joke opportunity here involving Garth Brooks' latest album and the unfortunate thing that recently happened to the famous singer – but I won't take it.

Apparently, you're going to have to wait longer than anticipated for new Garth Brooks material.

Garth Brooks' phone died, and it took all his new songs with it.

"Here's where the old guy gets into technology, which is bad. All the new stuff which I've been working on for six months is on a phone that's been fried, and I can't get the phone to come back up," Brooks said in an interview with the Journal Sentinel.


You couldn't really call Garth Brooks a "first-adopter" – it wasn't until late last year than the country star finally opened up Facebook and Twitter accounts.

He's embraced it though.

But Brooks has also spoken out against digital music services in the past. He's put YouTube and Spotify in the crosshairs.

"YouTube; oh my god," he said late last year to Rolling Stone. "They claim they pay people, [but] they're not paying anything, either. People get millions and millions and millions and millions of views, and they don't get squat. Trust me. Songwriters are hurting. So, I applaud Miss Taylor and I applaud everyone for standing up for the songwriters, because without them, music is nothing."

That last bit about Miss Taylor is a reference to Taylor Swift's decision to yank her entire library off of Spotify.

Man against machine. There, I did it.

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