Gangnam Style Tops YouTube Rewind Trending Vids

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YouTube has just jumped into the year-in-review game, unveiling YouTube Rewind, a channel devoted to the top trending videos of the year across multiple categories.

"This year, Korean Pop music transcended boundaries and took the world by storm. Cover songs, parodies, and "do-it-yourself" music videos from all genres entertained us in countries near and far. And you participated in conversations at a global scale, uploading videos to share ideas on everything from nonprofit campaigns, to political satire, to new and surprising voices and talents. Plus, all over the world, you tuned in for the most up-to-date news footage of presidential elections, natural disasters and more," says YouTube.

And surprise, surprise: Gangnam Style is your top trending video of the year. Of course, "trending" doesn't necessarily mean "the most total views," but it's important to note that Gangnam Style is rapidly approaching 1 billion views (971.5 million).

The rest of YouTube's top trending videos list takes us on a trip through 2012 in different areas. Their number two trending video is a cover of Gotye's Somebody That I Used to Know by "five peeps, one guitar" group Walk off the Earth. And the third top trending video for 2012 was KONY 2012. Imagine that.

Here's a playlist of all of Youtube's top trending vids of the year:

You can head on over to YouTube's Rewind channel for more 2012 nostalgia. But be sure to check out their tribute to this year's viral hits, featuring members of other famous viral hits:

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