Gamestop Now Offering Android Tablets With Game Bonuses

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The video game retailer, Gamestop, has officially jumped on the app gaming scene. In an interesting announcement, the retailer has decided to start selling Android tablets both online and at their stores. Unlike other places, purchasing a tablet at Gamestop will come loaded with game related content.

As of now, there are three tablets available for purchase:

Acer Iconia 7 inch Tablet 8GB - $329

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer 16 GB - $399

Samsung Galaxy Tab 16GB - $499

The games which will come pre-loaded are: Dead Space ($9.99), Re-Load , Sonic CD (exclusive release), Monster Madness ($0.99), Riptide GP ($4.99), and Cordy. Altogether, that's $16 worth of free games. It should also be noted that Sonic CD is an exclusive Gamestop Android Tablet release; the game will come out for other devices sometime in December.

Along with these titles, Gamestop is offering an app linked to their website, Kongregate. Over 600 free games are available to play on the site, which was purchased by Gamestop last year. For those who are really into gaming on their tablets, Gamestop is selling a Bluetooth wireless gaming controller for $39.

Gamestop Wireless Tablet Controller

This new initiative is another step in the company's shift towards mobile, and tablet based gaming. Earlier this year, they announced a new trade-in service for iOS devices. They've begun to sell these refurbished units already, so it makes you wonder if they'll start offering deals like this for iOS devices.