Gamestop Exec Doesn't Believe That Next Gen Consoles Will Block Used Games

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One of the rumors to come out of the next gen console discussion that has the chance to completely change the way that consumers interact with their consoles is not an integration of motion controls or larger disk drives. It is the rumor that both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 will restrict the ability to play used games in the way that the PC does.

Over on they interviewed Jon Haes who is GameStop’s Vice President of Used Merchandising on this exact rumor.

When asked about what impact the rumored inclusion of technology that prevents used games from being playing on the next gen consoles will have on the used games business, this is what he had to say:

"GameStop is excited to see what impending consoles, like the Wii U, will bring to the gaming community. While we can’t speculate, we do think it is highly unlikely that the next generation of video game consoles will implement technology that blocks used content because it would be considered a very unfriendly consumer initiative. As of now, the company has not received any information from the console manufacturers that any new consoles will not play pre-owned games."

So as you can see, he gave the ole' political side step and answered the question with an optimistic no. He says it is "highly unlikely" and that they "have not received any information." Does he really think that they would tell the company they are trying to put out of business? I can guarantee you that they will be sweating at E3 this year, and if Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo do decide to go the route of blocking used games, there will be a huge collusion lawsuit filed by Gamestop.

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