Game of Thrones March Madness, Fill Out Your Bracket


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Don't you just love it when someone with a bit of creativity comes up with an idea meshing two amazing things into one? A Game of Thrones fan has done just that, pitting characters from the book/show against each other in a March Madness style bracket.

It's Westeros Madness!

The bracket creator describes the tournament, "It’s March Madness, Westeros style. Grab a pencil and fill out your brackets, then vote for your favorite characters from season one each round. 32 characters, one month, one champion. To those naysayers who ask how we can measure something as intangible as a character’s intrinsic worth, I say that’s exactly what tournaments are for. Check back throughout the month and by April 1 we’ll have a champion— just in time for the premier of season two. (Note: I’m not affiliated with HBO or George R.R. Martin. Just a fan.)"

Just like in the college basketball variety, there have been some wild upsets in the first round of the tournament. Joffrey Baratheon, a #2 seed, fell to a relatively unknown character, Renly Baratheon, a #7 seed. It's pretty obvious to see what happened, as Joffrey represents the ultimate "I really want to punch this character in the face" mentality. Most of the first season of the show was me sitting in my recliner yelling at the screen for someone to stab the little prick in the neck. But at the least he was an actual character. He deserved to make it past the first round.

Here's how the tournament looks after the first round of voting is done, making for some interesting match-ups in the second round...

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After looking at how people voted in the first round, I think my Final Four is going to be Khal Drogo, Ned Stark, Tyrion Lannister, and Arya Stark. With the championship match putting Tyrion Lannister against Khal Drogo, in what would be an amazing fight to see take place. With Tyrion winning of course.

So, who do you have winning it all?