Game Day With Google Gets You Ready For the Super Bowl

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It's Super Bowl Sunday, you've got a big party brewing, but you're unsure of how to prepare. If this describes your last second scrambling, all in an effort to throw a passable Super Bowl party, Google has you covered.

Game Day With Google is an all-in-one search engine, branded specifically for the big game. It features a sectional presentation, each specifically set aside for whatever portion of the day you're at. Let's say you're still in the planning phase and don't know what kind of food to make. Game Day With Google's first section was designed for you. Sporting the "Rise and Shine" title, the first section focuses on finding the perfect recipe for whatever food items you'll be serving.

The default search starts us with "best chili recipe," but you can enter whatever recipe search term you choose. There are recipe suggestions for guacamole and nachos, as well.

The next section is for the Pre Game planning portion, and it features things like useful stats in order to give you some working knowledge about the teams that are playing. There's also a link to a Google Earth YouTube video, which presents Lucas Oil Field in a 3D format:

The next section is the official game time portion of Google's game day service, and it's presented with the "Kickoff" header. This section was designed for folks who want to go deeper into the game. It's also for those who may be experiencing technical difficulties with their television reception and need to know the score.

In fact, the default search contains the keyphrase, "football score."

Google also took the time to again feature Google+, suggesting you make a Google+ circle so you can see what your friends are saying about the game, or the commercials. Of course, Twitter works just fine for this as well, but since Google and Twitter can't get along, Google+ Circles it is. They even have a suggested circle called "sports fanatics" for you to add, if you're so inclined.

The next section was designed for halftime entertainment, which gives Super Bowl partiers time to check out YouTube's AdBlitz page, just in case you missed any of the early Super Bowl commercial fun. There's also a link to Madonna's new video, for those that need some pre-halftime entertainment primers.

The Google+ promotions don't stop with the suggested circles either. In the halftime section, Google also invites you to follow Madonna's Google+ page.

The final section in Google's Super Bowl service is the Post Game section. Here, a Google+ chat with NBC's Darren Rovell -- on Google+, of course -- is being pimped with the following suggestion:

On Monday, after the final score has had a chance to sink in, join us in a Hangout with CNBC’s Darren Rovell. Offer him your post game analysis or take him on a tour of your home. Whatever you’re into.

For some reason, I don't think the "Hey Darren, what do you think of my new couch" is going to go over that well. But then again, who knows. Maybe he'll like you taste in interior design.

Naturally, Google also suggests following NBC's Google+ account, just in case you didn't get the message the first few times.

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