Game Day Recipes: Must-Have Snacks For Sunday

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The biggest game of the year is tomorrow. Are you prepared?

You might not think it matters, but having snacks on hand for yourself or others can really add to the fun of Super Bowl Sunday.

Believe it or not, some of the best snacks aren't those that can be bought at a store. Some food items are best when you make them yourself.

Here are some great recipes for yummy items that you can make your Super Bowl gatherings more fun ( or at least give you something to anxiously munch on during the closing minutes of the game).


Nachos are almost always a good decision when it comes to Game Day snacks. Try the "Super Nachos" recipe as shared by Rachael Ray.

If you don't want to use store-bought chips to complete this fun little meal, here is a handy recipe for homemade tortilla chips!

You could also make your own guacamole and nacho cheese dipping sauces.

Looking for a healthier alternative to regular nachos? The Daily Meal has versions that are supposed to be quite good for you.


When you're trying to see the game through your tears and someone asks you what's wrong, just blame it on the spicy hot wings you're eating.

Enjoy restaurant-style wings or if you're pressed for time, these boneless wings can be made in about 50 minutes. Word on the street is that it's better to roast your wings than to deep fry them. If you're curious as to the difference, find a great recipe here.

If you're trying to be healthy about your chicken choices, consider this recipe for chicken breasts with tomatoes and olives.


Have a hankering for a hamburger? Try one of these top recipes and see what you like best.

Though many like beef patties, there is is something to be said for slow-cooked meat. I'm talking about pulled pork, chicken, and beef. Yum yum!


And of course Game Day isn't complete without aptly themed means of satisfying your sweet tooth. Here are ideas for wonderfully inspired cupcakes (my favorites are the Bronco themed ones...)

Enjoy a delicious fondue, or if you're pressed for time and have a microwave, consider microwavable desserts.

Healthy dessert alternatives? I highly suggest freezing grapes and bananas (especially the latter after dipping it in chocolate). Also, put a bowl of fruits, nuts and veggies out.

Have any good recipes for the big game tomorrow? Share away!

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