Galaxy S III To Top 10 Million Units Sold

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The U.S. launch of Samsung's new flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S III, may have been a debacle, but the device is still selling very well. Samsung has told Reuters that it expects sales of the device to top 10 million by the end of July. This figure was floated by JK Shin, president of Samsung Mobile Communications.

Back in May is was announced that over 9 million Galaxy S III's had been pre-ordered throughout Europe and Asia. Critics pointed out that this number was not based on individual pre-sales, but on pre-sales to the hundreds of carriers throughout the world that expected to sell the smartphones to customers. Even if Shin's 10 million in sales includes sales to carriers (which it most likely does), there is no denying that Samsung's latest Galaxy phone is a bona fide hit.

The demand for the Galaxy S III has been causing supply problems for Samsung, making the U.S. launch of the smartphone very confusing. Sprint and T-Mobile have begun a phased rollout of the device, and customers for those carriers, as well as AT&T, should be able to purchase the Galaxy S III by June 28. Verizon won't begin selling the device until June 11.

Over the past year Samsung has emerged as the dominant Android smartphone manufacturer, and perhaps even a legitimate Apple competitor. Samsung has launched a massive marketing campaign for the Galaxy S III, and even seems confident enough in its new technology to stop bashing Apple fans in its ads. As long as Samsung can keep its new device from literally catching fire, the Korean manufacturer could grow confident enough to leave Android behind altogether.

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