Galaxy S III Mini Hits The UK On November 8

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Samsung has found incredible success with the Galaxy S III. Even Apple's best attempts at routing Samsung with patent lawsuits only served to increase sales of the Android device. Now Samsung is almost ready to move into phase two of its master plan - release a smaller version of its most popular handset at a more affordable price.

Samsung announced today that the Galaxy S III Mini will be coming to the UK on November 8. There's still no word yet on a US release, but the wait shouldn't be that much longer. Samsung also neglected to mention a price for the handset despite it launching next week.

“Our latest addition to the Galaxy portfolio, the Galaxy S III Mini brings the high performance, intuitive ease-of-use and nature-inspired design of the Galaxy S III in a new elegant yet compact form. Following the massive success and popularity of the Galaxy S III and all its features, we are confident customers will enjoy the Galaxy SIII Mini when it hits the shelves on the 8th November.”

The Samsung Galaxy S III Mini isn't exactly like its bigger brother. Samsung had to make some sacrifices to bring the size and price down. As its name suggests, the S III Mini features a 4-inch display that's powered by a relatively weaker 1GHz dual-core processor. The phone is also only available in 8GB and 16GB varieties.

In good news, the phone will come equipped with Jelly Bean right out of the gate. Galaxy S III owners are still waiting for their update, unless they're with Sprint. The device will also give users a free 50GB Dropbox account for two years to make up for the loss in internal storage.

The mini craze is just getting started with the iPad Mini and Galaxy S III Mini both expected to do solid business this holiday season. If both devices end up being a success, will we see more Mini devices flood the market? I'm in favor of the iPhone Mini - an iPhone in the body of a iPod Nano. It would be hilariously brilliant.