Galaxy S III Gets An Amazing Dragon Case That You Can't Have

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The Galaxy S III by Samsung is one of the hottest phones to come out this year. It beat the iPhone 5 to market and will put up some stiff competition this holiday season. Too bad the phones sold in stores will not include the most amazing custom case mod to ever be put on a phone.

Our story begins with a simple Facebook message. Shane Bennett, Samsung super fan, sent a private message to Samsung's PR team on their Facebook page. He was asking for a free Galaxy S III and drew an amazing dragon picture as payment. Obviously, Samsung replied with a no, but sent an equally amazing picture of a kangaroo riding a unicycle for his troubles.

Galaxy S III Dragon Case Mod

Bennett posted the above conversation on Reddit and it quickly shot to the front page. Needless to say, the Reddit thread gained Samsung a lot of new fans that day. It was unintentional viral marketing at its best. Samsung appreciated the boost in fans and interest and decided to reward Bennett in the best way possible.

TechCrunch caught up with Bennett after he received this one of a kind Galaxy S III. It features the dragon that he drew etched onto the back of the case. It's also on the front with a matching background that completes the drawing. Here's the custom Galaxy S III in all its glory.

Galaxy S III dragon case mod

Now, don't go rushing out drawing crude pictures of mythical beasts in hopes of getting a free phone. It rarely works out that way. Bennett just happened to be in the right place at the right time. That being said, it does once again prove the power of the Internet in marketing. Fans are a company's greatest asset and they would be wise to leverage that power across Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and others.

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