Galaxy Note II Sales to Top 20 Million, Says Samsung Mobile Head

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While Apple continues to believe that the width of the new (and old) iPhone is perfect for human hands, there are customers who have clearly taken the view that "bigger is better" when it comes to the size of smartphone screens. Case in point: Samsung's Galaxy Note smartphone, with its massive 5.3-inch screen, was an unexpected hit.

The next version of the Galaxy Note will be even larger - 5.5-inches. With the launch date of the device creeping nearer, it appears Samsung is confident in their behemoth. This week J.K. Shin, head of mobile at Samsung, told a Korean news agency that the Galaxy Note II is likely to sell twice as well as the previous model. With the original Galaxy Note having sold, according to Shin, more than 10 million units, it appears Samsung thinks it will sell more than 20 million of the new devices.

That's quite impressive, considering that Samsung's current flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S III, has already sold 20 million units since its debut on May 29. Even so, these numbers seem paltry compared to the expected 250 million iPhone 5s that Apple is expected to sell. In order to keep up with Apple the way they have, Samsung has had to put out a plethora of Android devices, none of which can individually compete with the iPhone in terms of sales.

Shin also confirmed that an October release for the Galaxy Note II is still on track, denying rumors that Samsung would change the date because of Apple's iPhone 5 announcement.

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