Galaxy Note 3 Now Available in the US

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The Galaxy Note 3 is now available in the US through AT&T, Sprint and TMobile, and most of the early reviews seem to be positive for the phablet from Samsung.

Techradar reports in its top 10 reasons to get the 3 that the design comprises the best screen to date, allowing for enhanced multi-tasking, and it writes about the tactile feel like one would a lover. They also highlight the upgraded S Pen function, amplified technical specs and built-in software sophistication.

But the list toppers that may have the most impact are those related to security. Samsung KNOX, provides a fortified "Fort Knox" style space inside the 3 where security-sensitive apps and data can be protected against attacks. As a benefit for those who often work remotely, it permits a hook-up to secure office systems. In addition, a feature called Find My Mobile, allows the owner to locate and disable the 3 should it be lost or stolen, or buried in the sandbox by your toddler.

Galaxy Gear

Number 8 on Techradar's list is the Galaxy Gear, which seems to be the Yoko Ono of the product teaming; though the ads are impressing viewers. It is a device a user wears like a wristwatch that syncs with the Galaxy Note 3 to display the same screen, show your texts and emails and act as a hands-free phone.

Tshaka Armstrong, of the Los Angeles Fox affiliate, tried the Gear for 24 hours and came to the conclusion that it falls in the "toy" column, "rather than it being a device which actually adds some significant value in my life." Armstrong claims to be a watch lover and doesn't mind the general aesthetic of the Gear though he notes the bulk could be a deterrent for some potential users. Highlights seem to be the voice memo function, display appeal and user-friendliness. Items for improvement, transcription of voice memos, battery life and augmenting the Gear from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have.

[Images via Samsung Official Twitter.]