Galaxy Nexus On Sale: Free Google Wallet

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Good news for Android fans, the new Samsung Nexus phone (HSPA+) is on sale at Google Play and they're selling it for a low price plus throwing in the Google Wallet app free. The latest version of Nexus features Ice Cream Sandwich, a 4.56" HD AMOLED display, and is totally unlocked. That means you can sign up with what ever carrier you want.

That's right for about $400 you can have an unlocked device free of any contracts or obligations. If you look at what carriers charge for these kinds of devices without signing a two-year contract you'll see this is a hell of a deal. The free Google Wallet is a nice upgrade too, but if you don't plan on buying the Nexus, Sprint can get you the free Google Wallet app too.

The LG Viper 4GLTE and the LG Optimus Elite will also give you the Wallet when you choose these devices on a two-year sprint contract.

Stylist Lilliana Vazquez gives a powerful testimonial for the Google Wallet: