Galaxy Nexus Coming To Sprint On April 15th?

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Samsung's popular Galaxy Nexus smartphone might be coming to Sprint next month. There have been rumors of a launch date for months, but several anticipated dates have come and gone with no sign of the phone on Sprint's network.

Now, however, (Sprint 4G Rollout Updates) is citing "a Sprint source from within their Product Development division" who says that Sprint is preparing internally for their GNex program to go live on April 15th. Given that the 15th is a Sunday, however, the phone will likely be available in stores either shortly before or shortly after that date.

The Galaxy Nexus first launched in December of last year on Verizon's network. The phone has gotten generally good reviews, and even generated the kind of lines at Verizon stores that Samsung so likes to pick on in their anti-Apple ads (like this one, and this one). The Galaxy Nexus was the first phone to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Google's smartphone Android operating system.

Sprint users, are you excited to see the Galaxy Nexus on your network? Will you be upgrading in April? Let us know in the comments.