Gal Gadot Didn't Want Wonder Woman To Be "Too Perfect"

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Gal Gadot is about to make Wonder Woman's debut into the DC world in the upcoming Batman v Superman and she admittedly had some serious shoes to fill.

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman is just as tough and formidable as Lynda Carter's, but there will be a few adjustments.

But, Gal Gadot was able to bring a little bit of her own modern touch to Wonder Woman.

She said, "I think mainly Zack had a very clear idea of the Wonder Woman he wanted to bring to the big screen, and I had to embody everything he wanted me to be, give my own notes, my own input, and just go for it."

She continued, "For me, Wonder Woman is just such an amazing character. She's all about love and justice and truth and compassion and equality, and I didn't want her to be too polished. I didn't want her to be too perfect."

She added, "I wanted people, men and women, to be inspired by her and to be able to relate to her, and I wanted to make her muddier, dirtier, to give her some edge, give her some attitude, and I think we were able to do it."

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Gal Gadot is going to make an amazing Wonder Woman and will make a shining addition to the growing collection of female superheros.

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Gal Gadot's costume is definitely edgier than Lynda Carter's spangly leotard!

Are you excited to see Batman v Superman?

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