Gaddafi Capture Video Released by Al Jazeera

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As the world reacts to the now-confirmed death of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Al Jazeera has released video of the fallen "leader's" capture, and judging by the images contained within the video, it appears as if the fallen tyrant was dead, or, at least, awfully close to his deathbed, when he was captured.

To many, this is a fitting end to his miserable existence, one that oversaw numerous crimes against humanity, aimed directly at the citizens he was supposed to govern. Apparently, massacring those who disagree with you fit his definition of effective government. And now, Gaddafi has paid the price for his tyranny.

As is the case in today's always-connected world, Gaddafi's take down was vividly captured on video and released for the world to see.

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