Gabrielle Union Gives Details Of Proposal

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Gabrielle Union has proven that she's the "stand by your man" type. When she and basketball player Dwyane Wade took a short break, Wade accidentally impregnated another woman. While most people assumed that Gabrielle would leave Wade after she found out about his love child, she surprised everyone and decided to stay.

Wade proposed shortly after the couple reunited and Gabrielle decided to share the details of the special moment while on Live with Kelly and Michael. According to Gabrielle, the proposal happened at the construction site where the couple is building a home. Wade brought his two sons and nephew who lives with him, along with him for the proposal.

"I was completely surprised, him and the boys planned it completely as a family. We were just going to spend the day together, have a little bit of quality time. ... I'm completely clueless. Dwyane's like, 'Do you want to do any make-up?' I'm like, 'No.' So my nails aren't done. We were literally going from brunch to our house, that is under construction, so I'm dressed to go to a construction site, not for anything exciting."

She continued, "So we do a little tour of the house. Me and Dwyane are upstairs, the boys are downstairs and the boys say, 'We want to do a presentation for you.' I thought they were going to do a skit or a song or something, so me and Dwyane turn around ... and they're holding signs saying, 'Will you marry us?'

Gabrielle admitted that at first she thought it was a joke because the boys had ask her on several occasions to be their stepmother. Soon she realized that the proposal was the real deal.

The couple was engaged shortly before Christmas, right around the same time Wade came forward with the news of his son by another woman. Gabrielle has obviously accepted his family and forgiven him for his affair during their break up.

What do you think of Dwyane's proposal and Gabrielle's decision to say yes?

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