Funny or Die's Steve Jobs Biopic Will Debut April 15th

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That one starring Ashton Kutcher and that one written by Aaron Sorkin aren't the only Steve Jobs biopics in the pipeline.

If you want your Steve Jobs movie a little on the comedic and less-researched side, you're in luck. Online comedy powerhouse Funny or Die has announced that they have made their own Steve Jobs biopic, and it will be ready to view on April 15th.

The film, titled iSteve stars Justin Long as Jobs. You may know Long for his roles in Dodgeball, Accepted, Waiting, and as the "Mac" in those old PC vs Mac Apple ads. Lost's Jorge Garcia stars as Steve Wozniak.

The film was written and directed by frequent Funny or Die contributor Ryan Perez. Unlike most Funny or Die productions, this will be a feature-length film, clocking in at somewhere between 60 and 75 minutes.

“In true Internet fashion, it’s not based on very thorough research - essentially a cursory look at the Steve Jobs Wikipedia page,” Perez told the NYT. “It’s very silly. But it looks at his whole life.”

After iSteve, the next Steve Jobs biopic on the calendar is Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher. That film was originally slated for an April 19th release, but we just learned that it has been pushed back so that it can benefit from additional marketing.

The other, bigger-budget film is still in its early stages. That film, written by Aaron Sorkin, is based on last year's bestselling biography Steve Jobs, written by Walter Isaacson.

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