Fun With the iPhone 4S

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The iPhone 4s officially launched today -- Friday, October 14 -- and by most accounts, the newest member of the iDevice family is selling rather well. In fact, one of WebProNews' chief contributors, Josh Wolford, bought one today and he's completely satisfied with his decision. Granted, Josh upgraded from an iPhone 3 to the XL version of the iPhone 4, so there's no doubt his user experience has been much improved.

Besides having fun with Siri -- Apple's voice recognition suite -- and believe me, we have had fun with it, it's pretty clear he's happy with the overall experience. Sorry my review isn't more in-depth than that, but it's better than a negative experience, right?

As the Internet crowd is wont to do, there has been an explosion of meme-related content surrounding the latest iPhone to hit the storefronts, a great deal of which comes from Reddit -- where else? -- and while there's definitely a snarky, "it's the same damn thing as the other iPhone 4," feel to it, the iPhone 4s is definitely a needle moving subject.

Here are some of the funnier submissions. This includes certain ones that haven't "popped" on Reddit's front page, including the lead image, which, at the time of this writing, had zero votes. The first image deals with the stages of grief associated with buying a new iPhone that's not the iPhone 5:

iPhone 4s Grief

Hey, at least has iOS 5, right? Because of Siri, there are a few "Forever Alone" memes worth checking out, as well:

Forever Alone iPhone 4s

iPhone 4s Forever Alone

Speaking of Siri, here's some ideas on how to handle any friends or coworkers who have the iPhone 4s and are dying to show you how Siri works:

Siri Comic
Click for larger version

Comic courtesy. For more Siri fun, check out Josh's article from yesterday. Are you wondering how the mobile device providers feel about having to sell the new iPhone? Here's one perspective, and I'm sure it's pretty universal for the providers offering the iPhone 4s:

iPhone 4s comic

All things considered, is this the final word on the iPhone 4s, at least from the perspective of iPhone 4 owners?

iPhone 4s Review
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Successful 4s launch or not, people still want their iPhone 5. Maybe next year.

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