"Fuller House" Parody Starring Jimmy Fallon As Donald Trump Ramps Up Excitement For Debut

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Fuller House fever is spiking as the February 26th Netflix debut approaches.

And no child of the 80's or 90's was spared from fits of giggles when Jimmy Fallon united the cast (excluding Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, of course) for a little mashup of Fuller House and the current presidential election.

Only Jimmy Fallon could have thought up this combination, right? But, the results of the Fuller House/Trump combo are hilarious.

The scene opens on Fallon all painted up like Donald Trump, with the bad wig and everything, tucked into Michelle Tanner's Full House bed.

Did you catch me with Trump on @fallontonight ? @jimmyfallon

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Trump calls for "dad" Bob Saget and it's all uphill from there.

Instilled with several familiar catchphrases ("Cut. It. Out!","Have mercy!", "How rude!", etc.) , the Fuller House parody is all any fan could hope for.

Full House was a clean, wholesome show for the whole family to gather around when we were kids. All serious issues and life lessons were wrapped up in 30 minutes, accompanied by heart-warming feels music.

Check us out TONIGHT on @fallontonight!! You don't want to miss it! #hilarious #tunein #fullerhouse #dvr @fullerhouse @netflix

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But, many wonder if Fuller House will have the same family-friendly quality that Full House had. After all, D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy are all grown up now. Has the show "grown up" as well?

Well, according to Inquisitr, all we have to look at is Fuller House's star, Candace Cameron-Bure.

Shaunee Flowers wrote, "Considering that Candace Cameron-Bure is starring in the series, it’s a really safe bet that the Netflix reboot will be very family friendly and clean. Cameron-Bure is super conservative, and never wavers from her Christian beliefs. If Fuller House was aiming to be edgier, Candace certainly wouldn’t be on it."

I think one could safely concur with that assumption. Candace Cameron-Bure has always stood up for what she believes, though she has been in many situations where it would have been easier for her to back down.

Are you looking forward to the return of clean, wholesome TV with Fuller House?

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