Fukushima Radiation A Concern In Oregon

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The radiation from the Fukushima disaster could be making its way into water in the United States.

Water is tested on a regular basis and trace amounts of radiation was expected to hit the United States by this time.

Experts assured American citizens that the small amount of radiation that would find its way into the water would not be enough to harm anyone.

Now, some residents in Oregon are not sure if that is true.

Many organizations and individuals have decided to start testing their own water to determine exactly how much radiation is in it and if it is safe to be used and consumed.

"The predicted modeling shows that we should start to see it coming along our coastline at very low levels," said Lisa Phipps, executive director of the Tillamook Estuaries Partnership said of the radiation. "When we took this on, it wasn't to incite any kind of fear in people. It is a data collection effort."

The Tillamook Estuaries Partnership is concerned that the radiation is not only harmful to people, but could also disrupt the delicate ecosystems of the estuaries and watersheds in western Oregon.

Many individuals have teamed up to test the waters in the area and to make sure the radiation is not present or harming the fish, wildlife or people living in Oregon and along the west coast.

"We've been worried about it and worried about it," said Zac Adams, who owns a construction company in Brandon, Oregon. "We're really concerned about it affecting the fisheries, the wildlife, the tourism and most importantly our health."

Do you think the Fukushima radiation will start showing up in the water of the United States and do you feel like it is safe to drink the water even if only small amounts of radiation are present?

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