Froaster Proves Apple CEO Tim Cook Doesn't Know What He's Talking About

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During the question-and-answer section of Apple's earnings call last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked about platform convergence, and whether Apple would ever converge its iOS and OS X products into a single, unified operating system, a la the forthcoming Windows 8.

It's a valid question. Windows 8 certainly looks pretty slick, and Apple has been taking steps to bring popular iOS features to OS X. So it's perfectly reasonable to wonder whether Apple might one day converge the two operating systems into a single platform.

Tim Cook shot down the idea, however, saying that while some other companies (he deliberately avoided using the words "Microsoft" or "Windows") might go that route, "we're not going to that party." Convergence of platforms like the tablet and desktop, Cook said, required the kind of compromise that would harm user experience. It would be, Cook said, a lot like combining a toaster and a fridge. You could do it, and you could maybe even make it work, but why would you want to?

Well, a video making the rounds today sets out to show just how wrong Cook is about convergence. The video doesn't deal with a tablet and a computer. Oh, no. Instead it shows the wonders of the Froaster, the world's first combination fridge and toaster. Check out the video below, and let us know whether you think Tim Cook was right to say that a toaster and a fridge shouldn't go together:

Well, that's settled then, isn't it?

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