'Friends' App May Become Your New Contact List

IT Management

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How much time do you spend trying to keep with all your friends on the various social platforms? Chances are it's quite a bit. Most of your friends are probably on Facebook, some are hard die heard Twitterers, and some won't let go of MySpace.

Enter the Friends app from Taptivate for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The official blog states, "Friends gathers everyone you care about from all the major social networks into one place".

Brian Chen of Wired recently got some hands-on time with Friends, "I enjoy the detail and simplicity of the design; I’m probably going to be using this app to quickly check on some people while riding the elevator or standing in line at a grocery store." Friends isn't available just yet, but it's rumored to be hitting the App Store within the next few weeks with a price tag of $2.

How successful do you think the Friends app will be? Let us know.