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While some lucky Android fans have already gotten their hands on the brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus with all that yummy Ice Cream Sandwichy goodness, folks here in the States are still waiting for an official release date. While you wait on that announcement, you might as well try to win a free one.

The Google Nexus Twitter account (@googlenexus) is on day 7 of a series of challenges, run entirely through twitter, that give winners a free Galaxy Nexus (whenever they end up arriving).

The Galaxy Nexus Challenge (the “Contest”) is a skill contest where participants must submit via Twitter solutions to puzzles, photo challenges and essay questions (“Solutions”) to win prizes. The Solutions will be evaluated by judges, who will choose the daily winning entries in accordance with these Official Rules. The prize(s) will be awarded to participant(s) whose Solution is evaluated as having the highest score in the judging criteria.

There has so far been a contest every day since November 12th, each asking Twitter followers to submit answers to questions, or solve some sort of puzzle. Evey response is limited to the 140 characters that Twitter allows.

Today's contest, the 7th, is particularly fun - it's a poetry contest. If you want a free Galaxy Nexus, you must submit the most creative, original, and humorous reverse Cinquain poem of the lot. Here are the rules, via Twitter:

Chal. 7 Write a reverse Cinquain on why you should win a #GalaxyNexus. Form: 5 lines w/ # syllables 2 / 8 / 6 / 4 / 2. Use / for line breaks 4 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Rules: Include @googlenexus & #nexuspoetsociety in submission (though not required to be in poem). Rhyming not necessary. Example: 4 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Here's a sample entry, provided by the Google Nexus team -

Nexus / Brings tasty ICS goodness / I'll take my Android chilled / Please just Beam it / to me #nexuspoetsociety @googlenexus 4 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

With the way folks are feeling about the U.S. release of the phone, maybe a more accurate poem would be -

Hey guys
Don't make me buy a damn iPhone
Or this new Droid RAZR
I'm impatient
No joke

All kidding aside, you should put on your thinking caps and try to win a free Galaxy Nexus. The official rules peg the value on that to be $500 (activation and service plan not included of course). Make sure to mention @googlenexus in your poem tweets and use the hashtag #nexuspoetsociety.

And hey, the daily contests end on November 21st. Maybe more evidence supporting a release somewhere around that time?

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