Foursquare Returns To Roots To Grow Ads (SXSW)

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Foursquare got its start at the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) just as many of the great social media entities did that we enjoy today. Things are a little better than they were back in 2009 when Foursquare first appeared at the Austin media festival. Today they have over 20 million users and are looking for new ways to promote their services and encourage more user check-ins.

Foursquare CEO,Dennis Crowley is a regular at SXSW and this year is no exception. He's out in full force letting fans know that he has over 750,000 merchants on the line set to offer local deals to Foursquare users. He believes larger cities can benefit the most from the services as they are the most densely populated and packed with valuable products and services that square users are bound to want to take advantage of.

He wants to bring Foursquare into the mainstream with the introduction of all types of location-based deals. He aims to make the world easier to navigate via the social media platform. Crowley says that Foursquare is working to bring more merchant tools to their site in order to meet these lofty goals.

Check out the video with Crowley: