Foursquare Looks At Red/Blue State Check-Ins

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Can you determine which states are more supportive of gay marriage from analyzing check-ins at gay bars? How about determining which states are the most religious based on check-ins at places of worship? If you think that check-ins can give way to some political meaning, Foursquare is the obvious choice for all your data needs.

And the location-based social network has obliged, looking at check-ins from the last year and seeing which states reigned supreme in a variety of hot-button political topics. To determine whether a state was "red" or "blue," Foursquare looked at how they voted in the 2008 election.

You may be surprised to learn that Texas led the red states in check-ins at gay bars, followed closely by Georgia and Utah. On the blue state side, Florida may be the most obese states in terms of fast food check-ins. They're followed closrly by Illinois and Wisconsin.

Another interesting tidbit: Red states go for tacos, while blue states go for burritos.

Check out some more red state/blue state comparisons in the infographic below:

[via AboutFoursquare]
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