Foursquare Launches App Specifically for Businesses

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Foursquare has just unveiled their second app, and this one is targeted at business owners.

Available today, Foursquare for Business is a standalone iOS app that allows business owners who manage a location on Foursquare to post updates, check analytics, and manage specials.

As of now, the most useful aspect of the brand new app is the analytics. Business owners who have already claimed their location on Foursquare can view recent check-ins and tips - so they'll know if Susan B just told other users that the spicy beef sandwich is to die for or if the thai noodles are cold and icky. Business owners can also see stats for all-time check-ins, likes, and view "recent top customers."

Businesses can also use the new app to post photo updates, and then easily cross-post them to Twitter and Facebook. When a business posts an update on Foursquare, anyone and everyone who has ever checked-in or even looked at their page will see the update in their stream - no subscription or "follow" necessary.

Lastly, the app lets businesses manage their specials. Note that I said "manage." Businesses still have to create the special on the web, but once it's created they can manage it with the app. This is a limitation, but one that we expect Foursquare to deal with in the coming weeks. The app did just launch, of course.

As of now, the app is only available for U.S. businesses.

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