Foursquare Brings Real-Time Recommendations to iOS

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Foursquare has just announced that their new style of real-time recommendations are now being pushed to some iOS users through an app update released today.

"When you arrive someplace, we can tell you something great there (like the best thing to order, or a money-saving special). With this release, we’re turning real-time recommendations on for a small batch of people who use Foursquare on their iPhone (and expanding to more every day)," said the company on their blog.

Foursquare's new recommendations ping users when they get near (or check-in to) certain locations, and suggest things like popular menu items and current deals. Of course, this works with a variety of types of locations, but these new recommendations are going to be especially useful for restaurants.

The feature is only going to be available for some iOS users right now, but Foursquare will expand it eventually. Android got this feature about a month ago.

"The idea behind Foursquare has always been that, someday, hundreds of millions of people will carry software in their pocket that lets them know when friends are nearby, when places they’ll love are around the corner, and whether nearby merchants can help them save money. This is the future we’re spending our days building," said Foursquare.

And that's the key - passive recommendations. Foursquare wants to let you know what's good at that restaurant you're at or what one user had to say about that concert venue before you even have to ask.

With the new Foursquare for iOS, the company has gone back to a previous format which allows users to quickly sort recent friend check-ins by "nearby" or "worldwide." They've also streamlined your feed to only show your friends' most recent check-ins. To see all of their other check-ins you have to go to their profile.

You can grab the latest version on iOS now.

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