Foursquare Adds New Filtering Options to Search

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Foursquare has just released an update to their iOS app that lets users apply more filters to all of their searches.

"Looking for a cheap brunch spot that your friends go to, but you haven't tried yet? With new filtering options in Explore, you can narrow down your search results to find exactly what you're looking for. Tap the search bar at the top of the screen, then select different options like, 'price,' 'haven't been,' 'saved' or 'open now' to find the perfect spot," says Foursquare.

Before today's update, Foursquare allowed users to narrow their searches in variety of ways - by category, trending places, recently opened locations, place they haven't been before, places friends have been, and so on. With today's update, Foursquare is letting users narrow their searches through multiple filters.

Here's what the new filter screen looks like. It's accesible via a "filter" button when open up the search box.

As you can see, users can now apply different filters at the same time, including price, previous check-ins, open now, and locations that are currently offering specials. You can sort your results by best match of by distance.

Minor update? Maybe. But it's a useful one. And it also falls in line with Foursquare's recent push to become a true player in the local search game.

You can grab the update today over at the App Store.

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