Foursquare Adds More Menus, Continues to Become a Better Tool for Local Search & Discovery

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Over the past year or so, Foursquare has been going through a major transformation - well, at least a major improvement. What they've been doing is making both small and large tweaks to turn the focus of the service toward local search and discovery. A company that started as a simple check-in app is now competing with the likes of Yelp, Google Places, and Urbanspoon.

You may recall a major app update last month with a stated goal to "reveal more of the world around you the moment you open up the app." Then, a few weeks later, Foursquare completely redesigned their location pages to make them more photo-rich and informative. If you have increased traffic to your location pages (which Foursquare does) and want to continue to tout yourself as the go-to place for information on locations, you have to keep making those pages better.

Today, Foursquare is taking another step in that direction with an expansion of menus on restaurant pages.

"It’s a Saturday night and you’re meeting friends for dinner. You’ve narrowed the choices down to two popular Italian spots - but how to choose? Starting today, you’ll see more menus in Foursquare, so you can decide given what restaurants have to offer. In addition to SinglePlatform, we’ve also partnered with Locu (a company that shares our mission of helping restaurants and local businesses connect with customers)," says Foursquare.

Locu is a web-wide menu platform founded in 2011. Last year, it received $4 million in Series A funding, fyi. Foursquare has partnered with SinglePlatform on their menus since the launch of the "Explore" feature in January of 2012.

Right now, it's just menus for restaurants - but Foursquare says that will eventually grow into price and service lists for a variety of businesses. That includes hair salons, gyms, dry cleaners, etc.

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