Formula One Sets Minimum Age For Aspiring Racers

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Formula One is the premier racing league. Racers from all over the world have aspirations to compete in the Formula One, but some racers won't be able to compete come 2016.

Reuters reports the Formula One racing league will impose an age limit of 18 starting in 2016. The age limit isn't the only thing the International Automobile Association has changed. The Association is also changing the requirements necessary to obtain the super license which is required when wanting to participate in Formula One races.

To obtain a super license, the driver in question must be over 18-years-old and have knowledge of driving regulations. Both requirements seem like they would already be in place, but that wasn't the case. One example would be Max Verstappen, a 17-year-old signed to the Toro Rosso team. He'll be 19 when the new rules come into effect so it won't have any effect on him. The rules will have the unique effect, however, of ensuring he's the youngest Formula One racer to ever live.

The more specific rules require the racer in question to spend two years in minor Formulas while accruing a certain amount of points during those years. There's no word yet on if the FIA is going to increase the cost of the Super License. The current price is $12,800 for the basic license plus an extra $1,280 for each world championship point.

For younger racers turned off by the new rules, there will always be the Formula Junior, Formula Three and GP2 racing leagues. Success in these leagues will almost assuredly ensure that young racers will get into Formula One once they hit 18-years-old.

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