Formlabs Introduces New 3D Printer Resin Just In Time For Christmas

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Last year, Formlabs broke all kinds of Kickstarter records when its Form 1 3D printer pulled in almost $3 million. Since then, the company has been busy making more Form 1 3D printers for its customers all over the world while also experimenting with new resin types. In fact, it has a new resin available just in time for Christmas.

Formlabs announced that it has developed a new white resin just in time for the holidays. As expected, it used the new white resin to print a bunch of snowflakes, but white isn't just for the holidays:

White isn’t just another color in our growing resin library; it’s been designed to produce parts that are exceptionally smooth and color-stable, for when the look and feel of your printed model is essential.

If you want to see what the new white resin is capable of, check out this example 3D print of some flowers:

Formlabs Introduces New 3D Printer Resin

If you already have a Form 1 and want to get your hands on Formlabs' new white resin, you'll have to pony up $150 for a liter of the stuff. It's definitely not cheap, but the Form 1 isn't your average 3D printer. If you want to use the new resin, you'll have to update your PreForm software with it. You can grab the latest update here.

As for the future, Formlabs says it's currently working on a number of new resins for "specialized applications." It doesn't say what those applications may be, but I'm sure Form 1 owners will appreciate any new materials that Formlabs can cook up.

[Image: Formlabs]